The crazy Zion update that may have the rest of the league worried!

After a very good run last season in a strong Western Conference, the Pelicans have every intention of repeating their feat, or even improving it. CJ McCollum will be back, while Zion Williamson will finally be able to play with him, the colossus being 100%. The latest update about him is also terrifying for the rest of the league.

While the Pelicans started their 2021/22 campaign with losses in spades, the franchise hasn’t let up over the months when it could easily have pulled out the tank. Instead, David Griffin, the man of power in New Orleans, decided to recruit heavyweights in order to straighten out a sinking roster. His mission was a success with the arrival of CJ McCollum, who immediately managed to bring his magic to Louisiana.

Between his scoring (24.3 points) and his leadership, the back gave new impetus to the Pelicans, alongside Brandon Ingram and other promising players. The result is also impressive, since the men of Willie Green won a ticket for the postseason, while taking two games from the Suns, leaders of the West. There is therefore cause for optimism among the supporters, especially since Zion Williamson comes back, finally.

Zion Williamson in better shape than ever?

After an ultra-productive summer where he has not stopped training, Zion returned to training camp in another physical form, much better than last year. Proof that Duke’s product has taken matters into its own hands, and it looks like the result is already showing on the court. When qualifying the player’s performance in training today, his coach was very generous.

Willie Green says Zion Williamson ‘dominated’ the scrimmage last night and looked ‘amazing’

It must be said that in a much more impressive physical form, Zion seems even more effective with his partners. Excellent news for the Pelicans, who dream of achieving something special in this Western Conference, and needless to say that Williamson will have a big role to play after three complicated first campaigns, where he missed a hundred games.

All the Pelicans need from him is to stay healthy.

In full possession of his means, Zion Williamson is already impressing in Pelicans training, to the delight of supporters. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to maintain good health, which is undoubtedly the key for the colossus, who must reassure at all costs this season. Otherwise, his future in the league will only be more worrying.

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