The crazy stat where LeBron crushes everyone this season, at 37

As he nears retirement, LeBron James continues to line up performances that are absolutely indecent for his age. Moreover, he rarely dominates in scoring this year, to the point where he is ahead of Kevin Durant, Giannis & co. in a specific area! This is completely insane …

If the Lakers bowed against Sacramento (125-116), Lebron james gave him everything to prevent defeat. Admittedly awkward in shooting (13/29 including 3/12 from far, 5/10 from the throwing line), the King still finished with no less than 34 points on the clock, accompanied by 7 rebounds and 6 assists . A new uppercase performance from the winger, who seems to be on fire this season in scoring.

Indeed, the quadruple champion peaks at 29.1 points every night since the resumption of competition, which is his highest average since 2009-10! At the time, he hadn’t even left Cleveland for Miami yet… Just to show that he is still the boss, he also excels in the series of big boxes. It’s simple, with 19 outings with at least 30 units, he is doing better than anyone in the NBA this year!

LeBron king of games at 30+ points in 2021-22

The gap may seem small with the competition (15 games), but let’s remember an important detail: James missed 12 of the 42 games in LA this year, due to physical problems and a one-game suspension. He therefore played less than all the other members of the Top 5, except Embiid who has 29 meetings to his credit. Even more, he has signed 11 games at 30 points over the last 12 outings! A breathtaking consistency for a player of his age.

As a result, he is currently in second place in the ranking of the best scorers, just behind the Slim Reaper (29.7 points per game). Unfortunately for the Chosen One, it has not been crowned with collective success often enough this season, with the Crimson and Gold just in balance (21-21). Eighth in the West, the Angelinos are hard to see … suddenly, the atrocious comparison with an ex-team of n ° 6 doesn’t seem so wrong anymore.

LeBron James is definitely a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, there’s no denying it. We just hope that his superhuman efforts will eventually pay off collectively, and that the Lakers can finally reach the summits of the Western Conference.

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