The crazy stat that sends Warriors to 100% Finals

The Warriors are back. After two very complicated seasons, Steve Kerr’s men have found a positive going and results worthy of their status. Moreover, according to an unequivocal historical figure, Golden State would have a good chance of making it to the Finals!

After an elimination in the last play-in, it was very difficult to plan for the Warriors. Stephen curry proved he was one of the best players on the planet last year, but the integration of Andrew Wiggins, the regression of Draymond green, and the lack of quality on the bench raised real questions. Questions that are no longer today.

Indeed, the Canadian star begins to really find himself in the system of Steve Kerr and for the first time in his career or almost, his offensive cards are not in vain. Likewise, after two complicated seasons, Draymond Green is back at an exceptional level defensively, which allows his team to regain a mastery so precious in the quest for the title.

The Warriors on a basis synonymous with Finals

And the bench is also giving complete satisfaction with a Gary Payton II who is revealed day by day, an Otto Porter Jr. who brings his experience, and a Damion Lee who gets along particularly well with his brother-in-law. It is no coincidence that the Warriors have a record of 16 wins for 2 losses at the moment, and besides, according to ESPN, this record should secure them a place for the Finals!

The Warriors have had a record of 16 wins and 2 losses or better on four occasions in their history. They reached the Finals the first three times.

Since Steve Kerr’s arrival in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Warriors have often had a great start to the season, hitting the 16 wins and 2 loss mark on four occasions. If the logic continues, Golden State should, like the first three years, join the Finals at the end of the playoffs! The last time it happened they left with the title, thanks in particular to a huge Kevin Durant. We shouldn’t be ignited, but the numbers don’t lie.

TO each Once the Warriors have had a record of at least 16-2 after 18 games, they have advanced to the Finals at the end of the season. No pressure, but Steve Kerr’s men know they have a tradition to carry on.

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