The crazy stat in which Rudy Gobert dominates all the stars, except one!

Rudy Gobert performs a season monstrouse, and in his absence due to COVID, everyone was able to realize his importance. For example, the French pivot dominates the entire NBA in an amazing stat except a superstar.

Rudy Gobert will make his long-awaited return to competition this Sunday against the Nuggets, and he will have a lot to do to put the Jazz back on track. Indeed, during its quarantine due to COVID, Utah put on a totally unrecognizable face with an absentee defense. In just 5 games without the pivot, Quin Snyder’s men went from 5th to 12th best defense in the NBA…

Things should change quickly with the Stifle Tower in the heart of the racquet, especially since the pillar of the France team sharpened during his convalescence. He might be tired due to the virus, but he never missed practice time. In fact, with this little week of forced rest and his intensive weight training sessions, he could come back even better.

Rudy Gobert dominates the net rating!

This would also be an opportunity to improve in a statistic he already dominates head and shoulders. Indeed, among the players who have played a majority of matches, the tricolor pivot is second in the net rating, behind only Stephen Curry. As a reminder, the net rating represents the difference between the number of points scored by a team in 100 possessions with a player, and the number of points conceded in 100 possessions without the player in question.

  • 10th: Andrew Wiggins – 8.6
  • 9th: Mikal Bridges – 8.6
  • 8th: Chris Paul – 8.7
  • 7th: D’Angelo Russell – 9.2
  • 6th: Nikola Jokic – 9.3
  • 5th: Darius Garland – 9.9
  • 4th: Giannis Antetokounmpo – 10.7
  • 3rd: Jrue Holiday – 11
  • 2nd: Rudy Gobert – 13.2
  • 1st: Stephen Curry – 13.8

Rudy Gobert is, behind Stephen Curry, the player whose absence is most felt on the floor, and this was seen with the balance sheet of 1 victory and 4 defeats of Utah during his period of convalescence. If his return allows the Jazz to regain a good dynamic and the heights of the Western Conference, the pivot could well receive a few votes in the race for the MVP!

Rudy Gobert is one of the most important players in the NBA, statistics confirm it. His return could do a lot of good to his whole team, and he could eventually overtake Steph Curry in this prestigious ranking.

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