The crazy stat about Michael Jordan’s current fortune


Michael Jordan is a rich man… very rich! So rich, moreover, that it is very difficult for the common man to understand the extent of his fortune. To contextualize this, a media outlet released a crazy statistic on the bank account of the legend of the Bulls.

Michael jordan is considered by the majority of fans to be the best player in NBA history, a status that can only be challenged by one Lebron james whose prize list is not yet sufficiently provided to fully support the comparison. But that’s not all, since the GOAT is also the owner of one of the most promising teams in the league, proof that his influence is still immense.

And then incidentally, even though he was playing at a time when contracts were « reasonable », MJ is the richest player of all time! It does not owe this prestigious status to the sums offered by the Bulls at the time, but to its many partnerships and investments. He is the head of a huge empire with the sale of his shoes, and as long as Jordan models are in fashion, he will continue to accumulate millions …

Michael Jordan: a colossal fortune at 58

Despite its many donations to help the African-American community in North Carolina, Michael Jordan is sure enough of his colossal fortune to rent luxury yachts for over $ 1 million per week, that is to say ! Moreover, a hallucinating statistic revealed by the Daily Star allows to properly contextualize this fortune. On his own, he weighs more than two of the greatest athletes in history combined!

If one relies on the estimates of certain sources, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have accumulated more than 915 million dollars. It’s huge, but it’s less than the only Michael Jordan, who has an estimated wealth of $ 1.6 billion. [plutôt 2 milliards $ même, ndlr]. Between them, the two greatest footballers in history are around 600 million behind Michael Jordan. The gap is expected to widen further after they retire.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are arguably the two most popular athletes on the planet, as they are the two best players in the most followed sport, and yet, despite their reputation and huge contracts, they fail to make it happen. Michael Jordan ankle! It is to say if the legend of the Bulls is fortunate! He can obviously thank Nike and his shoes.

And he could still explode his bank account if he ever decides to retire and sell his Hornets. According to the latest estimates from Forbes magazine, the Charlotte-based franchise would be worth $ 1.5 billion, which would allow her to double her earnings in one fell swoop!

Michael Jordan has plenty to see coming calmly, he is not about to end up on the straw. And he totally deserves because of the emotions offered to his millions of fans.


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