The crazy sequence with Joakim Noah at Joel Embiid’s wedding!


Joel Embiid has finally won a ring, that of marriage with his wife Anne De Paula! Many prestigious guests were present, including Joakim Noah, who feasted on the dance floor. The two pivots delivered a sequence that makes you smile.

The little NBA microcosm was placed under the sign of love this weekend. Indeed, two All-Stars have chosen this Saturday, July 22 to pass the ring on their wives’ fingers, and some of their colleagues have undoubtedly had to make a choice. The first newlywed is Trae Young, who is now united with his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his first child. The Atlanta leader was also able to count on a wonderful showcase from Quavo, star of the Migos group.

In Philadelphia, these are Joel Embiid and the Brazilian model Anne De Paula who celebrated their love in front of guests, each more prestigious than the other. Among them, we could note the presence of many Sixers players, but no James Harden, which inevitably put the chip in the ear of the fans as for a potential exchange. Another notable absentee, Meek Mill, who still participated in his own way:

The wild dance of Joakim Noah and Joel Embiid

Meek Mill couldn’t be there for his friend’s wedding, so he decided to drop by to sing his classic « Dreams and Nightmares » with the MVP and his guests. Lil Uzi Vert was also in the spotlight representing Philadelphia, and Joel Embiid decided to take his viral choreography to the dance floor. He was accompanied by a hilarious Joakim Noah!

With his hat screwed on his head, as usual, Joakim Noah obviously had a great time alongside Joel Embiid. He didn’t hesitate to wet his shirt on the track and encourage the man of the evening to do the same. We didn’t know they were close, but these images are really heartwarming.

Joel Embiid is now a married man, and his evening was obviously a huge success with his friends. Joakim Noah was there, the Sixers too, he will probably remember it all his life. Waiting for another ring?


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