The NBA’s economy is flourishing, so it makes sense to see all the players in the show benefit from the influence of the North American basketball league. Pets are an integral part of the system and thus reap the rewards. With an average salary of 60,000 dollars per year, according to the specialized site Hoops Addict. When the average annual salary in the United States is $45,000.

Good salaries, therefore, which can be supplemented with bonuses according to the additional services requested from the fans. For these performance extras, NBA icons charge an average of $500 an hour. Amounts that can literally soar depending on the popularity of the mascot. Hoops Addict thus reveals that Rocky The Mountain Lion (The Puma) of the Denver Nuggets comes in at 625,000 dollars a year – or more than 53,000 euros per month.

A member of the Hall of Fame of mascots since 2006, Rocky is recognized as one of the most spectacular figures in the NBA, capable of acrobatics and totally delirious winning shots. In the same vein, Benny The Bull for Chicago is a real star. With an XXL salary of $200,000 a year excluding bonuses. Gratifications due to the exceptional profiles of the individuals behind the mask and under the costume. True athletes coupled with artists endowed with a rare sense of relationship.