The crazy rumor that runs about the ex of several players

The sentimental life of NBA players does not lack do to speak ! The proof, a young talent of the Hornets finds himself with the player of a huge scandal because of his ex… And if the rumors are true, he risks spending bad nights in the future!

Young NBA players lead the lives that many young men would love to live… They earn mostly millions of dollars, they spend a good deal of their time playing basketball, and they have some pretty exciting love lives! Tyler herro is the best example, he who has just founded a family with Katya Elise Henry, 8 million subscribers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, not all the players fall on well-intentioned partners… This would be the case for example of PJ Washington, talent of the Hornets, who finds himself in the middle of a rather crazy scandal if it is true. Indeed, it would have been used by his girlfriend Brittany Renner, and it is one of the tweets of the player who would have put the chip in the ears of the fans. The message has since been deleted.

According to the teammate of LaMelo Ball therefore, he would have been duped throughout his relationship with Brittany Renner, ex of James harden, Ben simmons and Colin Kaepernick in particular. Together since 2016, Washington was 18 years old and playing in Kentucky, Renner was 27, they recently welcomed their first child… and two weeks later, the mother asked for a divorce!

After making a few jokes, Internet users quickly looked into the consequences of this affair, and a sordid rumor quickly made the buzz: Brittany Renner would have asked for $ 200,000 in child support, and this for the next 18 years! Faced with the bad buzz, the main interested party spoke on social networks, before deleting.

What money ? Do you believe that $ 200,000 a month story? Seriously I thought it was a fucking joke.

Who is telling the truth? Who says wrong? Difficult to know in this story … Let’s hope for the player that he will not have to pay so much, he who does dispose “That” of a contract at 12 million over 4 years!

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