The crazy proposal of a league owner to revolutionize the draft!

The draft is a well-attended event every year, with future nuggets like Victor Wembanyama and Bronny James who will be there in the years to come. A famous leader had a great idea about it. If implemented, it would be quite a revolution.

The audiences show it well, the NBA draft is followed more and more by fans of the orange ball. The 2022 edition was watched by nearly 4 million spectators on average during the first round, an increase of 33% compared to last year. Given that the next vintages promise us some future superstars, including the French nugget Victor Wembanyama, we imagine that the interest will only continue to grow.

As a result, the league could well look into some ideas to make it even more attractive to the public, as it is already working on a possible tournament in the heart of the regular season. In order to increase his potential and above all to motivate the franchises, Mark Cuban notably suggested linking him to the draft. The owner of the Mavericks thus submitted the following proposal, during an interview with insider Marc Stein:

The extended draft to 4 rounds, the crazy idea of ​​Mark Cuban

Cuban recently told me that he favors expanding the NBA draft, which he would like to see expanded from two to four rounds, and that he proposes that the winner of a possible tournament during the season get the first pick in the third and fourth rounds of an expanded draft…provided the picks can’t be swapped.

Remember that the NBA is the only major league in American sport to have no more than two rounds in the draft. If we had between three and ten rounds for several decades, this is no longer the case since 1989 because the number of players with no chance of breaking through was considered too high, and it was therefore necessary to sort more therefore. However, the big boss of Dallas would see a return to basics from 2023-24, the date from which the supposed tournament could see the light of day.

If the 2023 vintage, which should notably include Victor Wembanyama, would not yet be affected by such a move, it would be a completely different story for the one after which would notably have Bronny James as a suitor. However, there is still the same problem here: franchise rosters remain limited in terms of space, and players drafted in the third and fourth rounds would have little or no opportunity to show off.

Expanding the draft to four rounds, that’s Mark Cuban’s idea to bring a breath of fresh air to the draft. The idea is interesting, but given that places in the NBA are much more complicated to obtain than in other sports, it seems very complicated to put into practice.

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