The crazy photo of Victor Wembanyama that shocks the US!

Intractable this night against his rival Scoot Henderson, Victor Wembanyama impressed everyone with his level of play. But his delirious physique also continues to make the buzz, like a snapshot of the Frenchman who set fire to social networks.

37 points at 11/20 shooting, 4 rebounds and 5 blocks, it’s a very high quality performance. But it’s even more so when we are 18 years old like Victor Wembanyama, and that we are rubbing shoulders with basketball close to the NBA for the first time. On top of that, the pivot of the Metropolitans 92 turned into a sniper, finishing with 7/11 from three points and once again demonstrating his shooting skills, impressive for a player in his position.

His exit against Team Ignite was therefore a total success, although marred by the defeat of his team (122-115). US supporters were able to attend his show in the front row, as well as to see his impressive physical measurements. 2m21 tall, the boy is a real athletic freak and the photos of the match illustrate it perfectly. We think in particular of this interception in front of the star Scoot Henderson, showing his endless arm and his gigantic hand:

Wembanyama measurements ignite fans

At this stage, it is no longer arms but real creepers with which the young big man is endowed. Its scope will also constitute an all-time record once he’s in the NBA, and Internet users are regularly shocked by its bewildering morphology. It did not fail this time again, the fiery comments flying in all directions. Imagine what it will be like when he makes the jump across the Atlantic!

I am convinced that some basketball players are aliens

It’s not a hand, it’s the talon of a vulture of fictional proportions. wow

In addition to being exceptionally gifted technically, Victor Wembanyama also panics NBA scouts and supporters thanks to his physical dimensions. If he manages to gain some muscle mass, the kingpin could well become unstoppable.

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