The crazy franchise where Kevin Durant could have signed in 2019

Party in Brooklyn in 2019 after 3 years and 2 titles at Golden State, Kevin Durant was obviously spoiled for choice. One of his friends also tried to push him to make a move that would have sent a huge shock wave in the league.

Worn out by the hype and aware of not having fully found what he was looking for, Kevin duranYou left Golden State Bay in 2019. That summer, one crazy summer in the NBA, KD was obviously the league’s most coveted player – and it was the Nets who ended up winning his favor.

His friend Lou Williams, on the other hand, had another idea in mind. You have it ? Make him sign to the Clippers, of course! This is what the rear explained in Gilbert Arenas’ podcast:

We thought KD was going to give us exactly what we needed, the way we played. It was an opportunity for him to add another medal to his collection. The Clippers have never won a title in their history, so there was something to be accomplished. A guy like KD can come in and create his own title.

The cool thing about our team (the Clippers at the time, editor’s note) is that everyone knew who he was. Everyone understood the hierarchy. So if KD had come, it would have been like: “Bro, it’s your team, we will each play our part and accompany you”. I thought it would be the perfect fit, really.

Obviously, we immediately imagine Durantula with the Clippers tunic, surrounded by Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell and company. On paper, the idea is attractive, but it never materialized, as everyone knows.

The California franchise has certainly rebounded perfectly with the arrival of the George / Leonard duo, while KD left to write his story in Brooklyn. This season, the two teams are badly engaged: the Nets are already on vacation, when the Clippers will need a miracle to survive the Suns. Dependent contrast…

Kevin Durant at the Clippers, let’s face it that it wouldn’t have displeased. But Lou Williams missed his shot!

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