The Coyotes would be for sale … to move

The Arizona Coyotes are on sale again and potential buyers may relocate the club to Houston, Texas.

At least that is what the magazine « Forbes » advanced Thursday, citing a banking source.

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The Coyotes were quick to deny the information, saying they are « 100% committed » to playing in Arizona and are not moving.

The future of the Coyotes in the Phoenix area has often been called into question in recent years, but commissioner Gary Bettman tried to calm things down last August by saying he was  » not worried ”about it.

After the City of Glendale announced that it would end its partnership with the Coyotes at the end of the current season, the Coyotes reportedly presented a plan for the construction of a new arena in Tempe, near Phoenix. However, no such announcement has been made.

Alex Meruelo is currently the majority owner of the team after purchasing it in 2019. He has repeatedly reiterated his intention to keep the organization in the Phoenix area.

The greater Houston area is currently the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States with more than 7,100,000 residents enumerated in a 2020 census. Phoenix is ​​11th in this regard, with 4,800,000 people.

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