The Court of Auditors calls into question the existence of the delegation for the visibility of the Overseas Territories

Created in 2007, to anticipate the difficulties of overseas residents in mainland France and facilitate their relations with their communities of origin, the interministerial delegation for equal opportunities for French people overseas, which became the Diecfomvi in ​​2019, has in particular concentrated, from 2019 to 2021, on assistance to overseas students in terms of assistance with mobility, housing and internships in companies.

For the Court of Auditors, however, the Diecfomvi « failed to satisfactorily implement its broad and imprecise responsibilities« , according to a press release.
In order to better provide assistance to overseas students present in France, « its attributions must be redistributed between the public actors already invested in these missions and its existence called into question »she recommends.
« In the absence of a specific mandate, successive delegates took the initiative of various projects, without continuity or monitoring of their implementation. The few quantified results available indicate a low level of achievement. The tools or mechanisms put in place on this occasion turned out to be ephemeral and without much impact », strikes the Court.
« If the cost of this delegation may seem modest, its mere management by the ministries concerned entails a non-negligible cost and paradoxically deprives of clarity the action of the State in favor of citizens from overseas, in particular students“, adds the Court of Auditors.

The delegation, installed within the Ministry of Overseas, has a staff of six jobs, and operates with a budget of around 103,000 euros in 2019 and 55,000 euros in 2021, according to the report.
« The absence of a concrete strategy, or even of guidelines given to this delegation, combined with the modesty of its means, thus confines it to a certain marginality« , according to the Court of Auditors which ensures that « the formula represented by this delegation must be abandoned in favor of a resumption of its activities by public actors involved in the mobility, training and employment of overseas nationals ».

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