The controversy of a star after the crack of Draymond Green!

The controversy around Draymond Green and Jordan Poole is causing a lot of talk, and not just on the side of the Warriors. At the competition, we also begin to give our public opinion on the punch from the inside… and a big name in the East has surprised on this subject.

A priori, Draymond Green can forget the idea of ​​getting a new max contract before the end of his career. Not only were the Warriors not keen on the idea of ​​giving him such an amount when their finances are tight and he is already 32 years old, but his bloodshed in training against Jordan Poole sends a very bad signal to other teams likely to offer it to him. It must be said that hitting a teammate is never good publicity for yourself…

As a result, the interior finds itself in a very complicated situation, especially after the latest revelations on the file. Of course, his gesture was condemned by a lot of observers, including among the players. But on the side of Boston, Marcus Smart decided to surprise his world, by being relatively lenient concerning the case of the Dancing Bear. And his argument for that is quite perplexing:

Marcus Smart surprises on the Draymond Green case

These are things that happen. Like with your brother or sister. You love them, you appreciate them, you wish them nothing bad. But once or twice, here and there, you’re going to pick on them, and once or twice, you go too far. So yes, it happens.

On this, we are almost certain to see the birth of a big controversy. Obviously, the reigning DPOY has a funny way of judging sibling relationships…

Because no matter how you analyze the situation, the fact is that Dray completely freaked out by going after his teammate, and that’s all the more inexcusable for a player with as much bottle in the NBA as him. Smart also caught up a little later by fully acknowledging that the big man had screwed up with his gesture, recalling that the latter has a role of mentor that he must fulfill at all times, which he did not do here:

I know that Draymond, as good as he is as a player and as a person, he made a mistake. I think we can all say that from what we know. As a leader, you can’t do that, especially with guys who look up to you and ask for advice and encouragement.

Marcus Smart came as little surprise with his statement on the Draymond Green case, saying that stuff like this happens. This does not mean that it is a good thing, and it is perhaps also for Celtic to qualify its remarks in stride.

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