The condition to see Zidane on the Parisian bench

Returning in 2019 as sports director of PSG, Leonardo could pack his bags earlier than expected. It would no longer be unanimous in Qatar.

In 2019, Leonardo made his big return to PSG as sporting director. An adventure that could however end soon. While he had contributed to the birth of the QSI project at PSG in 2011, Leonardo had subsequently made his return in 2019. He had been recalled with the aim of restoring order within the Parisian club. The consequences of his arrival had been immediate, like the transfers of Keylor Navas or Mauro Icardi, among others. However, Leonardo’s place is not immune at the capital club. Especially since his complicated relationship with the PSG coaches does not play in his favor. This is why the hypothesis of a departure of the director, which had already been mentioned, no longer seems completely impossible.

In any case, this was revealed by journalist Abdellah Boulma during a live Twitch with Fan Channel. The latter provided concrete elements as to the possible departure of Leonardo, revealing that the Brazilian was criticized in Qatar for his management of young people and his inability to sell. Revelations that would jeopardize Leonardo’s future at PSG, whose departure could then coincide with the arrival of Zidane as coach. Indeed, an association of the two men would be impossible and there should then only remain one within the club of the capital.

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