the composition against Wales, without Penaud and Taofifenua

End of the press conference

It’s over for the press point of the XV of France. The important information remains the packages of Damian Penaud and Romain Taofifenua after their positive test for Covid-19 this Wednesday morning.

Galthié on the war in Ukraine

« What is happening in the world is not neutral but we are focused. We must represent France in Wales. We can listen, see, imagine but that’s all. It is not neutral what is happening in the world. »

Ibanez on last minute surprises

« We have consideration for the released players but we also told them that anything could happen. This was the case on Wednesday. »


« He had just landed in Toulouse and couldn’t shout but I said congratulations to him. »

Ibanez on Covid management

« We try to do things in order. We heard from Penaud and Taofifenua then we communicated it to the rest of the group. Then we had a meeting with Fabien Galthié to find out who would replace them. Then we wrote to the group. We try to remain transparent with our players. »

Ibanez and Galthié on Covid management in the group

Ibanez: « The players were tested at each meeting. We don’t regret having sent them home between matches. »

And Galthié to continue: « We are very sad for the two players dismissed. »

Ibanez on the roof of the Millienium

“The roof will remain open due to sanitary conditions in Wales. We will have the public and maybe a little rain.

Galthié on Wales

« There is a wonderful atmosphere in this stadium. The stadium and the public with the Welsh choirs, it gives goosebumps. The players will remain four minutes in the dark while waiting for the Welsh to enter the field. We are in the sublime and the marvelous of rugby. It is a nation with few inhabitants but which has brought out great players. We have an appointment with the sublime and the marvelous against Wales. »

Ibanez on Wales and the Grand Slam dream

« The status of challenger or favorite has no impact. The word that comes to mind for the Welsh is respect. They have won the Tournament several times in recent years. This is not the case for France. « 


« We saw that he had been pushed against Scotland. It’s part of the journey, we say things to each other and he analyzed his match. We accept criticism. The important thing is complementarity and the fact to tick the boxes. Some boxes are easier to tick depending on the opponent and the conditions of the match. In Scotland it was very windy and this hindered the aerial balls and the kicking game. In Wales We will surely have less wind but the roof will be open and we may have rain. The aerial game is a collective management with the pressure put on the opponent and the help brought to the ground for the receiver. cannot isolate a single player, it would weaken him. »

Galthié on his front row

« We are always looking for performance and progression. We have players who are gaining experience and maturity. We have grown for 23 games, this will be the 24th game. They have not played them all But the scrum is about skill and complementarity. Their experience and their level make them worth playing. But the finishers are also there and there is a form of emulation that pushes everyone. matches have played them with six or seven in the front row. There is really altruism between them. »

Galthié on the return of Haouas to the group

« He’s better. He’s very good. He sends good messages in training to his team and his team-mates. He plays games in Montpellier. We also send a message of support to Demba Bamba. »

Galthié on his bench and the modifications linked to the Covid

« We have to adapt. The embarrassing word is not appropriate, it’s adaptation and reaction. We are a team and a France group which must be complementary no matter what, anywhere, anytime and with anyone. We have modified our team of finishers with a potential 5-3 rather than a 6-2 (five forwards and three backs, editor’s note). Matthis Lebel returns to the score sheet and Yoram Moefana returns to the XV of those who start the field. Here are the developments with Gabin Villière who returns after missing Scotland. Unfortunately for them, Damian Penaud and Romain Taofifenua learned this morning, while they were packing their suitcases, that they were excluded and isolated. Having known him, it’s violent. I can testify to it, it’s violent. Very violent. First of all, I have a thought for them and their families as well as for their friends who are in the composition of team. It’s violent. But we have to continue. The guys who come back are ready. Yoram Moefana, Matthis Lebel and Momo Haouas are ready. »

Galthié on surprise packages

« [D’autres joueurs positifs avant le match?] We are preparing for it. We are preparing for it. We will be retested a priori. But we have no additional information. It is the VI Nations committee that will impose the rest on us on Thursday, to know if we retest or not. We don’t know and we are waiting for information. But we are preparing (for possible packages). »

The composition of the Blues with Dupont and Moefana

The XV of France against Wales: Jaminet – Moefana, Fickou, Danty, Villière – (o) Ntamack, (m) Dupont (cap) – Jelonch, Alldritt, Cros – Willemse, Woki – Atonio, Marchand, Baille.

Finishers: Mauvaka, Gros, Haouas, Cretin, Flament, Lucu, Ramos and Lebel.

Penaud and Taofifenua positive for Covid

Bad news for the Blues, Damian Penaud and Romain Taofifenua tested positive for Covid this Wednesday morning. The two players will not be traveling to Cardiff.

“In the preamble and it is not trivial because it has an impact on the team composition. Damian Penaud and Romain Taofifenua will not be traveling to Cardiff following positive tests for Covid-19, indicated the manager of the Blues Raphaël Ibanez. We had been rather spared in terms of players during our competitive period. But that’s how it is. We have the resources to go and face Wales in Cardiff. »

The conference of the XV of France is coming soon

A few more minutes of patience before the start of the XV de France press conference with Fabien Galthié and Raphaël Ibanez.

It should start around 12:15 pm eventually.

The probable composition

The XV of France trained with Gabin Villière on the wing on Tuesday. The Toulonnais, package in Scotland, should resume his place. If Grégory Alldritt was back during the high-intensity session on Tuesday, Gaël Fickou, seized up in turn, was spared but he should however be able to hold his place on Friday evening, just like Antoine Dupont who nevertheless had to cut short his session after being shot in the left arm.

The XV of France likely against Wales: Jaminet – Penaud, Fickou, Danty, Villière – (o) Ntamack, (m) Dupont (cap) – Jelonch, Alldritt, Cros – Willemse, Woki – Atonio, Marchand, Baille

>> All the details on the probable composition

Galthié and Ibanez will explain their choices

Fabien Galthié, coach of the France team, and Raphaël Ibanez, manager, will appear before the press at noon to reveal the composition and justify the choices.

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Welcome to our live to follow the announcement of the composition of the XV of France to face Wales, Friday (9 p.m.) at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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