The comic book designer Vincent Dutreuil in dedication!

Fnac Nantes is pleased to welcome the cartoonist Vincent Dutreuil, for a signing session, on the occasion of the release of the first volume of the comic strip « Michel Vaillant Légendes – Dans l’enfer d’Indianapolis »

Vincent Dutreuil is a designer and author of more than a dozen comics.

The Indianapolis 500 Miles, 1966 edition: a mythical race in many respects. Firstly because it quickly caused a hecatomb among the cars at the start, but above all because it offered crushing suspense between Graham Hill and Jim Clark, two champions who fought over the race until victory? challenged? from the first. Why did Indianapolis officials meddle in the rounds given to Clark? And what happened behind the scenes of this legendary event? Michel Vaillant was there. And will reveal all its secrets to you…

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