The colossal 9-figure (!) jackpot cashed in by Draymond Green

Draymond Green, like many players today, decided to place his money in different ventures, with the hope of making a substantial profit. If everything did not work, he was still able to unearth two nuggets which offered him a colossal jackpot.

The influence of LeBron James on the NBA is absolutely invaluable… Already, he is the one who has made versatility a necessity to become a superstar, which was not necessarily the case before his arrival in the league. The early 2000s belonged to volume scorers, like Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas or Allen Iverson, the end belonged more to players capable of distinguishing themselves on several fronts.

And outside the field too, the King is an example for his young colleagues, since he understood that the money won in the league could be used to develop even juicier businesses. It is no coincidence that he became the second basketball player to break the symbolic billion dollar mark, after Michael Jordanand the first in activity to do so.

Draymond Green, king of investment!

And this career in business inspires more than one current player, like Draymond Green, who is one of the best investors today. He not only associated his name with some big companies like Tequilas Lobos, where he works with the King, but he also knew how to smell good business. The proof with two investments with maximum profitability:

In 2018, Draymond Green invested in Blink Fitness gyms. It owns 20% of all rooms. With annual revenues of 375 million, each room earns around 3.4 million a year.

Green invested in orthodontics in 2015 when Smile Direct Club was valued at $100 million. Today it is worth 9 billion. He won 40 times his base investment.

Draymond Green has sniffed out the bargains with his gyms and orthodontic service, which could earn him nearly 50 times his initial investment. He confessed a few years ago wanting to become a billionaire before blowing out his 40th candle, he is clearly on the right track. By reselling his shares, he could ensure a bright financial future for himself and the next generations.

Like LeBron James, Draymond Green decided to put his money in different businesses, and he obviously made the right choices. He is now at the head of several empires, and this is probably only the beginning. Is the billion before the age of 40 possible?

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