the coaches’ waltz continues in Barcelona


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3 trainers in 1 year

The departure of Ronald Koeman seems more and more inevitable. He admitted at a press conference this Friday to be on an ejection seat: « the club didn’t tell me anything. I found out the chairman was here this morning. But I didn’t speak to him. I already know that a lot of things have leaked. Surely this is something that is true.“This is the third coach who could be dismissed since 2000. There was first the departure of Ernesto Valverde in January 2020, after a defeat against Atlético. In 3 seasons at Barcelona, ​​he won two Ligas, a Copa del Rey and a Supercopa. A nice balance sheet with the Champions League as the only downside. He will not have gone further than the semi-finals. But the conflicts with Messi and the locker room executives will get the better of him. He is replaced by Quique Setién, who will not leave a big mark in Catalonia. Only 25 matches on the bench, attempts to set up new heavily criticized systems, and especially the now famous 8-2 defeat against Bayern Munich. The humiliation will not pass, and Sétién will be thanked in the process. It is therefore Ronald Koeman who will come to Barça’s rescue. It’s not easy to be a Blaugrana coach!

Messi was sure to stay at Barca

Luis Suarez was next to his great friend, Leo messi, when the latter’s departure for France began to become serious, and the Uruguayan delivered some confidences. Atlético striker confessed to Spanish newspaper Sport that he had been surprised by the sudden change in the backrest. According to him, Messi was sure to stay at Barcelona. « In an hour, everything changed. For me, it was a blow to all that it meant to Leo. I was not there at the time and I joined him when I saw that he was in pain. […] He left without really knowing what happened, because, of course, the way, that everything changes in the space of an hour, it bothered him.», He reveals.

The divine Suarez

Another crisp little anecdote was delivered by Luis Suarez, who also does clairvoyance! He was sure thatAntoine Griezmann would make his comeback to Atlético de Madrid this summer. “I was not surprised. I even predicted it. Three or four days before the signing I was with Rodrigo de Paul and Angelito Correa. With the attacker’s intuition, I told them: ‘for me, Griezmann is coming, remember that’. «  The Uruguayan has one hell of a crystal ball.


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