The coach of the Nuggets takes out the sulphate against his own team!


For the second time in two games, the Nuggets were largely outclassed by the Suns… And after this new non-game of his players, Michael Malone has completely unchecked at a press conference. He took out the sulphate and was very clear on what he thought of his team… Ouch!

A reaction was expected from the Nuggets after the heavy loss to the Suns in Game 1 of this conference semi-final … Unfortunately for MVP Nikola Jokic, who has also achieved an all-time feat by being sacred, the revolt will wait. This Wednesday again, Denver was far from the level posted by Devin Booker and his teammates.

After this new defeat, a man was visibly furious on the Nuggets side: coach Michael Malone. At a press conference, he let himself go as rarely by taking out the sulphate to shoot his own players! The return to Denver may be damn long and heavy on the plane! Hopefully the psychological shock will be effective …

“I saw a team that wanted to be on the pitch, and another that didn’t want to. Michael Malone also said it was an embarrassing game for his team.

Their supporters are shouting: “Suns in 4 games”… I have the impression that we have given up tonight.

The message got through… And obviously Michael Malone was not the only one unhappy with the Suns’ demonstration. JaVale McGee also would have emerged from the silence to make his teammates aware of the stake of a conference semi-final! Be careful not to turn the locker room on your back!

Nikola Jokic and his teammates will have to get their act together by the next match… If things don’t change, Michael Malone risk of completely losing your mind!


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