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The variant of the coronavirus under control in Marseille
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In Bouches-du-Rhône, the epidemic focus linked to the British variant of the Coronavirus is under control according to the Regional Health Agency. A series of measures have been put in place to trace the chain of contamination.

Since Saturday, Marseille has put in place major resources to contain the epidemic of the British variant of Covid-19. On all the places identified at risk in the 7th arrondissement of the city where the cluster has been identified, the marine firefighters take samples from the buildings and from the wastewater.

This English strain, much more contagious, had landed in France through a family living in London and came to spend the end of year celebrations in Marseille. A total of 24 people out of the 45 identified contact cases were infected.

But the variant has not yet said its last word. It continues to circulate in the Phocéene city as everywhere in France. It would represent 1% of positive tests for Covid-19. Monitoring therefore remains essential.

The PCR test cannot detect the presence of a variant. Only sequencing is effective in this case. Analysis of the virus sequences allows scientists to spot the spread of strains, estimate the date of its onset, determine the duration of contagiousness and get an idea of ​​the number of carriers.

Genome sequencing is therefore an essential technique. However, it is more expensive and longer to perform. And France is lagging behind its English neighbor, which uses it ten times more. We will therefore have to equip ourselves to best manage this new threat.

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