The club of immense all-time losers to which James Harden belongs

Monumental on an individual level, James Harden remains however without the slightest title of champion. Enough to place the neo-Sixer in a club as prestigious as it is depressing… It’s up to him to show that he can change that under his new colors.

Wherever he went, James Harden really shone on the court. Sixth Man of the Year at the Thunder, MVP and superstar at the Rockets, he never reached the Holy Grail: a championship ring. His arrival at the Nets last year should have changed that, since he joined a monster Big Three in the company of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. An experiment which however turned to failure, and in a resounding way.

Indeed, The Beard was traded in Philadelphia before the deadline, in exchange for Ben Simmons. The divide between him and blacks and whites was real, especially with Irving. Result, the former Arizona State must start from scratch in the title race. And time is starting to run out for him, at 32… He is gradually approaching the end and could end up among the monsters without a ring. The proof with this VIP circle of which he is a member, mixing individual exploits and immense collective disappointments:

Harden with Elgin Baylor and Karl Malone

Harden is one of only 3 players in history with 3,000 playoff points and no championship ring.

4,761 – Karl Malone
3,623 – Elgin Baylor
3,191 – James Harden

Incidentally, the No. 13 repeated one of his unique exploits in the NBA: being traded during the season when he averaged more than 20 points and 10 assists. These two occasions happened in less than a year, which is not reassuring. Immense on an individual level, Harden nevertheless seems unable to go all the way on a collective level. Like Russell Westbrookit is besides mainly what one reproaches him: to make stats in the vacuum.

Now he may have the opportunity to reverse that trend. In Philly, he will form an absolutely delirious one-two punch with Joel Embiid, which finally receives scoring support. The Cameroonian will be the No. 1 option without dispute, allowing El Barbudo to step back a little and ensure the distribution of the game, in particular. For the defense on the other hand, we will come back… But if the duo works, the Sixers will clearly have a card to play this year.

James Harden has a few more years to save himself from ending up among the Ringless Monsters, but he must act fast. A new opportunity presents itself at the back, he who will have to prove that he can do better than on the side of the Nets…

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