the Clippers sign one of the most unreal comebacks in history

Incredible, mind-blowing, unique! Last night, the NBA still offered us images that only it can gratify us. Moribund for 80% of the game, the Clippers have indeed signed one of the most improbable comebacks in NBA history against the Wizards. A dazzling return that bears the stamp of an unlikely hero: Luke Kennard.

However, nothing predicted such a feat. At halftime, the heavily feathered Clippers trailed 66-36. A 30-point chasm that seemed unrecoverable against a Wizards team in automatic mode.

But minute after minute, the Clippers have nibbled their delay. With well-felt three-point shots, penetrations with the fault and sometimes impossible shots. And while they probably felt too good too soon, the Wizards themselves slowly began to feel the revengeful breath of their opponent of the day in their necks.

But as said earlier, nothing, even the last quarter, predicted what was going to happen next. The Clippers had, of course, returned to contact, but were still led by 6 points (115-109) at… 11 seconds from the end. A waste of time then?

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