The Clippers owner provokes the Lakers and their fans!


While the rivalry between Lakers and Clippers has been reignited by the recent announcement of the upcoming departure from the Staples Center of the Clipps, Steve Ballmer continues to send spikes to the rival camp. With a touch of insolence as we like!

Steve Ballmer is in great shape. The eccentric owner of the Clippers, 14th fortune in the world with nearly $ 70 billion in net worth, is all fire after the announcement by the franchise of the opening of its new room by 2024. With this project, the Clipps finally intend to move away from the shadow of the Lakers, and thus create their own destiny.

Only here it is: Ballmer cannot resist sending spikes to his rivals. After having started at the inaugural Intuit Dome press conference, the businessman has put the cover back in the columns of Los Angeles Time. Amused at having suffered criticism and insults from Lakers fans in recent days, he wanted to put a layer back:

I was surprised by the hostility from Lakers fans, and my message is, “Why? You don’t trust your team? There are 29 other teams you have to beat to win the title, but obviously you are quite concerned about us. The Lakers are a great franchise, but Lakers fans, you seem to be very worried about us.

This should not help warm relations between the owner of the Clippers and the Lakers fanbase … and that’s good. The NBA has been waiting for two years now for the famous “Battle of LA” promised in the summer of 2019. For the moment, the battle has not really been able to take place, and it could be the case as of this season.

If the purples and golds present a « superteam » on which there is no necessarily need to develop, their neighbors will have to do without Kawhi Leonard until further notice. Don’t panic: Paul George is coming out of a good season, the summer has been successful, the roster is oiled, the coach at the helm, and we expect to find all these beautiful people in great shape once the playoffs come. In any case, we wish.

Steve Ballmer continues to gently titillate Lakers fans, who are starting to get a bit fed up. It’s fair game, and we can not wait to finally be confrontations on the floor!


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