The Clippers got it all wrong in New Orleans

It was definitely not a good day for franchises in Los Angeles. Like the Lakers, the Clippers also bowed on Friday, on a ground however less hostile than Boston, that of New Orleans. The Pelicans have indeed won their third victory of the season, with a score of 94-81. Paul George (19pts) and his teammates nevertheless led by twenty points at the start of the second quarter after a great start, but the Clippers collapsed completely, scoring only 26 points in the second half! New Orleans got ahead with a quarter of an hour from the end and never gave up, in the wake of their three players in double-doubles: Jonas Valanciunas (26pts, 13rbds), Josh Hart (19pts, 10rbds) and Brandon Ingram (17pts, 12rbds). The Clippers end the match with 38% success on shots including 24% at three points, like a Paul George at 3 over 14 long distance… To be corrected before receiving Dallas on Sunday.

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