« The Clippers and the Lakers will poke around on his file »


Summer is coming for the top names, and we can expect movement from some. Lakers and Clippers did not have the ring, enough to motivate the leaders to strike hard. Good thing, both teams could be interested in the same star leader.

This year in the NBA, we will have the right to a funny champion. The Bucks are one victory away from the grand final after their success this Thursday night, when the Suns have already won their ticket. For the Hawks, anything is still possible, but it will now be necessary to win 2 games in a row. Let them take advantage, because next year, the Clippers and Lakers will be quite angry.

The two cadors logically had the ambition to win the title this year, but the injuries went there. LeBron James, Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard: so many stars who have been diminished or absent this season.

We can therefore expect movement this summer in the City of Angels, because reinforcements will do good. In his last podcast, the famous Zach Lowe returned to a name that seems to please: that of Kemba Walker, new player of the Thunder for a week. Former Celtic shouldn’t stay, generating a lot of interest in the market.

“I think the two Los Angeles teams will dig into the Kemba Walker case. « 

For Kemba, there are two years of contract left against around $ 70 million. The leader has a large salary, for a production that is not always regular. Despite his struggles with the Celtics, he still released two interesting campaigns, although his performance is not as good as Charlotte.

However, it is proof that the Lakers and Clippers want improvement in the leadership position, by all means. Even if OKC wants to get rid of Walker, they won’t do it for free. A file to follow closely, and a trade that could quickly see the light of day.

Kemba Walker in Los Angeles? It seeks a leader in the City of Angeles, remains to be seen if the old Hornet is the ideal target, and if OKC will not be too greedy. Beginning of response in the coming weeks.


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