the Chinese arrive in a MotoGP championship!

It’s a small step for MotoGP, but a big one for the Chinese motorcycle industry. For the first time, a prototype of a Chinese brand will compete in a MotoGP championship.

On the strength of its partnership, and its participation in the shareholding (estimated at around 2%) of the Pierer Mobility group, KTM’s parent company, CF Moto will line up two prototypes in the Moto 3 category from next season. Both machines will be entrusted to the PrüstelGP Moto 3 team.

CF Moto: the Chinese arrive in a MotoGP championship!

Based on the KTM RC250GP, the two CF Moto racing bikes will benefit from a solid foundation to debut in the smallest of the Continental Circus categories. Announced very close to their Austrian cousins, the two CF Moto will nevertheless wear the colors of the Chinese manufacturer. A process already used with the Husqvarna of the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team or the GasGas of the Aspar Martinez team in the same category, which are an integral part of the KTM Group and derive all the benefits from it.

The Asian giant, which has distributed the KTM brand in China since 2017, intends to take an important step in its quest for globalization while developing the partnership that links it with KTM. A collaboration from which the future CF Moto 800MT and the next Chinese GT have already emerged: the 1250 TR-G, both of which benefit from Austrian engines to drive them.

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