The chilling stat in which Killian Hayes is last in the league


In his second NBA season, Killian Hayes had to progress and show beautiful things … Unfortunately at the moment, he’s in more trouble than anything else. Besides, he is the worst player in the whole league in a fairly important area.

Killian Hayes came to the NBA with incredible hype. With an excellent season in Germany and on the European scene, the young leader was seen by some observers as a player with greater potential than LaMelo Ball for example. More than a year after the 2020 Draft, these comparisons seem quite absurd as the providential man of the Hornets is strong.

On the side of Detroit, even if we take the time with this workforce by necessarily cut out to play the leading roles, the performance of the French must begin to worry. He shows beautiful things in certain sequences, it is undeniable, but he is far too inconstant and especially far too withdrawn compared to Cade Cunningham, who has clearly taken the reins of the franchise.

Killian Hayes last in points over 36 minutes

The most worrying is that Killian Hayes should have progressed in all areas for this second season, but unfortunately the opposite is happening … An inglorious figure states for example that he is the worst holder of all the NBA in terms of scoring, which is not a good sign for a young playmaker in such an open league. A Reddit user pulled out these glaring statistics.

Killian Hayes is dead last in the NBA in points over 36 minutes with 8.8 points average. He is the only holder in the league who is under 10 points average and 40% shooting (he is running at 33%). Isaiah Stewart turns him to 10.7 points over 36 minutes, which makes him the least prolific leader / pivot duo in the NBA.

Concretely, if Killian Hayes played 36 minutes per evening, the playing time reserved for the stars, he would only turn to 8.8 points on average, which is the worst total for a holder in the NBA. Beyond this figure, which although not very glorious can be explained, it is especially the address which is worrying. Of all the holders who are below 10 points over 36 minutes, such as Draymond Green, PJ Tucker or Royce O’Neal, he is the only one not to exceed 40%.

And unfortunately, this lack of skill is not done for the benefit of a progression in creation. His number of assists per game went from 5.3 last season to 3.7 at the start of the season. There is still a long way to go, Hayes has plenty of time to progress and find himself as a player, but this second year is not necessarily the most reassuring.

Killian Hayes is going to have to show something else for the rest of the season. Despite the arrival of Cade Cunningham, the French leader must win and prove that he can be an excellent player at the NBA level. In a season without the playoffs, he will also have to think about himself on the ground.


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