The chilling conspiracy theory unleashed by Carmelo Anthony


Even the NBA is no exception to the conspiracy, given that a lot is played out behind the scenes in the league. The latest theory to date is signed by none other than Carmelo Anthony… and it sends shivers down your spine.

Obviously, everyone knows Carmelo Anthony for his maddening scoring and his great performances since his draft in 2003. However, we often forget that the guy of 2m01 for more than 100 kilos could also go out of his hinges, in the middle of a match. Better then not to be on his way!

In 2006, the winger found himself in the middle of a violent fight at the Pepsi Center, during a game between his Nuggets and the Knicks. In total, 47 games of suspension were distributed, including 15 for the former of the college of Syracuse after having started the hostilities. The images are as impressive as ever:

However, in addition to being laid off by the league, Melo would also have had the right to threats from… the boss of the league, David Stern! Recently visited the podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the player explained that he had slipped him some rather worrying words after the fact:

He said to me “I know who you are with. I know where you live, I know where your friends live. I know when you close your eyes. I know when you wake up ”. And I was like « How the fuck is that »? That’s when I knew the NBA was part of the Feds. He said to me, “I will make an example of you.  » It’s a fact. He said, “I know everything. I know your whole team. I know who does what ”.

This is cold in the back … Some would say that Anthony is trying to sully the memory of the ex-commissioner, who died at the beginning of January 2020 just a few weeks before Kobe bryant. However, not sure if this is really the intention of the athlete, who is not used to the fact. The mystery therefore remains unresolved.

We’ll probably never know if Carmelo Anthony’s conspiracy theory is true, but here we have a crazy new story around the NBA! What does he say, Adam Silver?


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