the Chelsea of ​​Tuchel and Lukaku well leader but there is like a catch!

Since his card at Tottenham on September 19 (0-3), Chelsea have scored significantly fewer goals because 5 in 5 games is not much. If it can happen in a season, Romelu Lukaku is experiencing a significant decline with six games without scoring and overall few chances. Defenders are more and more scorers and this is not necessarily good news.

Moreover, despite successes at Arsenal and Tottenham, a draw synonymous with victory at Liverpool, Chelsea have been very disappointing against Juventus and Manchester City recently. A perfectionist as he has become, Tuchel knows his Chelsea must do better. And Lukaku must find the goal. Of course, it is not the crisis that is brewing among the Blues, especially as a calendar of rare leniency awaits them at least until November 20 …

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