The CF Intercity makes room for basketball

CF Intercity, the first Spanish football club to be listed on the stock exchange, and Fundación Lucentum Alicante, which plays in LEB Oro, signed an agreement to join the professional men’s basketball team at the club.

Under this agreement, the Lucentum Foundation, heir to the club Lucentum Alicante who played in the ACB for several seasons, will give all sports and competition rightsn of the professional men’s basketball team without any consideration.

Thus, Intercity will take care of all the expenses generated by the basketball team in the category in which it is currently evolving and undertakes to cover the economic, sporting and structural commitments necessary throughout the competition in the event of promotion to the ACB League.

This union between the two clubs involves the incorporation of‘Antonio Gallego, current president of the Lucentum Foundation, as executive director general of SAD Intercity and of Daniel Adriasola, current vice-president, as general manager of the basketball section.

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