the Catalan press adds a layer on the VAR referee and points to his background

On the side of Barcelona, ​​nobody digests the defeat of Barça in Milan against Inter (1-0) in the Champions League. The Catalan press conducted the investigation and points to the background of the referee, Pol van Boekel, accused of having a heavy liability.

Pol van Boekel in the eye of the storm. The VAR referee of the Inter-Barça match (1-0) is singled out by the Catalan press, which considers him entirely responsible for the defeat of FC Barcelona in Italy. The main criticism being a hand from Dumfries in his own area, which should have, according to the Catalan clan, caused a penalty. Several potential errors have been observed under the magnifying glass by Mundo Deportivo. The Catalan media carried out the investigation and evokes previous errors of this referee, which had had serious consequences on several matches.

Bayern-Barça: the Dembélé case

« It was premeditated, otherwise it’s impossible to explain, » accused Barca squad sources to Mundo Deportivo. They recalled that van Boekel was already in charge of VAR during the Munich match and that he also harmed Barca on the previous European matchday.

In the Barcelona clan, they judge the Dutch referee « suspicious », the latter being already the VAR referee of the match between Bayern and Barcelona, ​​during which the Barcelonans should have benefited from a penalty for a gross foul by Davies on Dembele. The common point between this action and the hand of Dumfries is the cause of the anger of the Spanish press. The referee is accused of having taken the decision alone, without asking the central referee to verify the images himself.

The disputed Donnarumma-Benzema duel

According to the Catalan outlet, Pol van Boekel is negatively popular on the Dutch side. An error on his part, when he was in charge of video refereeing, would have deprived PSV Eindhoven of the title, in favor of Feyenoord, wrote Mundo Deportivo, without giving further details.

A UEFA referee since 2008, Pol van Boekel also became infamous during the last European Championship, during which even Robeto Rosetti, the UEFA refereeing chairman, targeted a decision by van Boekel (then at VAR ) as an example of a bad decision. It was a hand during Turkey-Italy, the opening match of the Euro.

Another notable fact, Pol van Boekel was in charge of the VAR during the knockout stages of the Champions League. It was he who made the decision not to call the central referee on the supposed fault of Benzema on Donnarumma on Madrid’s equalizer against PSG in the round of 16.

Mundo Deportivo point out that in addition to Dumfries’ handball, there was a clear penalty, for the Catalan media, for a push from Skriniar on Lewandowski. Çalhanoglu could have been ruled out for him, and Pedri’s disallowed goal is also questionable. A very uplifted Catalan press so that the official video.

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