The cash question from Joel Embiid to Ben Simmons!

Are we heading towards an improvement in relations between Ben Simmons and the Sixers? According to Shams Charania, the talks took a better turn this Friday, although it will take time. Joel Embiid, in discussion with his teammate, asked him an essential question.

It’s almost a week now that Ben Simmons has made his comeback to Sixers training. There are obviously things to be resolved, but it is progress. Yes but here it is, the Australian was clearly not happy to be back and let it be known. His behavior towards certain employees confirms it, even if he would have an excuse.

Indeed, it is the disappointment that reigns for the leader, who dreamed of finding a new team. He’s obviously had a bad summer, as he brought up a mental issue with the Sixers in a landmark meeting this Friday. Class, the organization has promised help in this difficult time, which is rather positive.

Contact restored between Ben Simmons and the Sixers

Is Simmons will wear the Sixers jersey this season? No doubt, but not immediately. He asked his teammates for time, as well as Doc Rivers to return to the floor. At least the dialogue is on again and things seem to be going in the right direction. Joel embiid was able to discuss with his partner, the opportunity to ask him an important question according to Charania.

Joel Embiid asked Ben Simmons this: Why do you want a trade? Simmons replied that he was not feeling well mentally and needed time to get things back to normal.

A rather evasive response, but which confirms that a turnaround in this soap opera is not impossible. What is certain, that the players do not hesitate to support him, even publicly like Tobias Harris. The winger shared this post during the day on Twitter:

We will respect their privacy and space during this time. When he is ready, we will welcome our brother with love and take care of the rest on the floor. That’s all.

Support that should please Ben Simmons, who after all the drama, can count on his teammates. So let’s hope that the player gets to feel better mentally, in order to help the Sixers in their quest for the title.

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