The car of the future is this model that can be transformed into a hotel room, café or office

The car of the future is this model that can be transformed into a hotel room, café or office

With its prototype called Pix Robobus, the Chinese company Pix Moving declines its concept of autonomous pods to infinity. The vehicles can also be used as a workplace, a playroom or turn into a food truck. She hopes to produce 2500 pods this year.

The possibilities are limitless. Today, when you get into a taxi or a VTC, the possibilities available to you during the journey are limited. You can certainly chat with the driver, read, send emails or even call. But tomorrow, thanks in particular to the vehicles of Pix Movinga Chinese company founded in 2014 by architect Chuan Yu, it will be possible to sleep in a bed, play a video game, perform a yoga session or even work while going from point A at a point B.

Here, in any case, is the vision of the future that this company presents with its prototype Pix Robobus, an autonomous and modular pod that comes in several models depending on your needs. The company uses a single chassis for all its vehicles — which houses the wheels, batteries, drive units and components — which can then accommodate a bespoke cabin. Thus, the pod can be transformed into a taxi, an office with a table and a computer, a hotel room with a bed and television, a gym, a games room, a coffee shop, a moving truck or a convenience store. .

On the way to autonomy. On its site, the company indicates that the Pix Robobus will be able to transport up to six people with a maximum load of 510 kilos. The maximum speed will be between 15 and 30 km/h with an estimated range between 70 and 100 kilometers. According to information collected by Techcrunch website, Pix Moving has completed a fundraiser which should enable the company to initially develop its pods in China and Japan. In China, Robobuses should be used for environmental and cleaning operations (street sweeping, garbage collection, etc.). In Japan, the pods could be deployed in nursing homes or with the elderly to  » delivering food, groceries and medical equipment to residents at their doorstep “Writes the specialized site. A total of 2,500 pods could be built in 2022.

Initially, we can also imagine that the deployment of these pods will take place on closed circuits or within special areas, while waiting for the legislation and security systems to be developed so that these vehicles can circulate freely in the city. .

A la carte car. While Pix Moving manufactures the frames for the pods, it plans to bring in other companies to build the structures, through what’s called a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Pix Moving predefine rules and specifications that third-party companies will have to respect to continue building the pod and in summary, the company thus provides the basis by giving you carte blanche to imagine the autonomous vehicle of your dreams, the way of a customizable pizza almost infinitely. With or without anchovies?

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