the Calder to Cole Caufield

Cole Caufield’s name has been on everyone’s lips since entering the National Hockey League (NHL). In his first five games on the Bettman Tour, the young Canadiens prospect scored two game-winning goals in overtime in two straight games. He thus became the first player to achieve such a feat among the pros. The future is bright for the 20-year-old forward and EA Sports is of the same opinion. Here are the results of the simulation of the career of Goal Caufield, on the NHL 21 game.

Image credit: EA Sports, screenshots by Julien Coderre

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Although he will not set any new franchise records, Caufield will play his entire career in the Blue-White-Red uniform. According to NHL 21, the small 5-foot-7 forward will complete 17 seasons in the big league, racking up more than 1,000 points and 418 goals, before hanging up his skates at the age of 37.

During his career, the right-hander will have tasted the playoffs nine times, without however having managed to win top honors. The best result for Caufield and his teammates was a seven-game elimination in the second round of the 2033-34 playoffs against the Florida Panthers.

In the individual chapter, it won’t be long before we see the former Wisconsin Badgers player (in the NCAA) shine. In his first full season in the NHL, in 2021-22, Cole Caufield will be the recipient of the Calder Trophy, awarded to the best rookie of the year. That season, he will have scored 25 goals in addition to amassing 16 assists, for a total of 41 points. Will he be able to match this mark next season with the big club? That’s what we are going to see.

Caufield will also be awarded the famous silver stick to mark the 1,000-game mark in the NHL, as he ends his career with 1058 points (418 goals and 640 assists) in 1,381 games. His best campaign was that of 2034-35, with a harvest of 80 points, including 39 goals.

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