The Buccaneers received their ring

After the visit to the White House on Tuesday, the reigning champions continue to celebrate their victory. Last event dated yesterday, the one that everyone is waiting for, the handing over of the ring. And the least we can say is that the result is spectacular! As a regular, even Tom Brady can not believe it.

“It’s not so much rings, it’s more trophies that you wear on your finger,” Brady said in a video posted by the Buccaneers. “This is by far the most incredible ring that has ever been made. « 

Gigantic, it has 319 diamonds in all, recalling the victory score (31-9). The franchise logo, as well as the 2 Lombardi trophies won, stand proudly in the center. On the left, 9 diamonds represent the 9 points collected. On the right, the 8 emerald-cut diamonds correspond to the 8 consecutive victories until the final victory, the longest streak in the history of the franchise.

Each piece of jewelry is different. The side parts are personalized with the name and number of each player, with the team mantra (One team, One cause) and the Super Bowl LIV logo adorned with 4 diamonds, which is the number of division champions defeated during the playoff campaign. For the first time in the history of the NFL, the top of the ring is unscrewed, revealing a scale model of Raymond James Stadium. The identity and score of each defeated opponent are inscribed above each stand and a diamond on the field symbolizes the place where the players exit the tunnel to set foot on the pitch. Finally, the inscription « HISTORIC » is engraved on the back of the removable part, as well as the date of the meeting. She recalls that the team became the 1st in history to win a title on its field.

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