The Braves one game away from eliminating the Brewers

For me, from France, this baseball moment was actually a great baseball night. Jet lag making… And a playoff match devouring some pancakes, it’s inevitably a beautiful moment!

We’re not going to hide it, I missed the first rounds (you need someone to make the pancakes!), But I didn’t miss much, because everything started to get interesting in the fourth round, when the good pitchers of the day (Peralta and Anderson) started giving the hitters some cookies. This is what gave this spectacular action where we got scared for Cain.

Watching too much football lately, my friend Ian Rapoport and I have asked ourselves the same question: it was a catch, right? Wasn’t there a withdrawal there?

In the fifth inning, things really started to heat up for the rear end of Wisconsin beer drinkers. Joc Pederson, who replaced the pitcher at bat, did it again and paid the luxury of scoring three points for the Braves with a superb strike in the stands of right field.

For the record, Pederson hit with Anthony Rizzo’s stick.

So it was a game well managed by the Braves, who were not put in great difficulty thereafter. The relievers did the job and Atlanta now has a great opportunity to finish the job in front of their home crowd tomorrow. The Brewers have no more wild cards!

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