the Boston coach faces a heavy penalty for having slept with a member of his staff

According to ESPN and The Athletic, Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka had an affair with a staff member. Although granted, this link violates the internal regulations of the franchise, which is now considering a heavy sanction.

Appointed to head the Boston Celtics in June 2021, Ime Udoka helped the franchise return to the NBA Finals, a first since 2010. According to ESPN and The Athletic, the technician is nevertheless at the heart of an extra- sporty ahead of his second season on the sidelines.

A one-season suspension?

Engaged since 2015 to Nia Long, Ime Udoka is accused of having had an intimate relationship with a member of the staff of the Boston Celtics. According to the various media, this liaison would represent a violation of the internal regulations of the franchise. A suspension would be expected.

According to Adrian Woljnarowski, the leaders would opt for a bench suspension for the entire 2022-2023 season. For ESPN, if this is confirmed, Joe Mazzulla, a 34-year-old assistant to Ime Udoka, could take over and act as interim until the 45-year-old returns to his place next year.

The case inevitably disturbs the environment of the Boston Celtics, who must already deal in this month of September with the injuries of Danilo Gallinari and Robert Williams III. The resumption of the season will take place on October 19 for the Massachusetts franchise, while pre-season games will begin at the end of September.

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