The boss of wefox Italy looks back on his partnership with AC Milan –

wefox became a Premium Partner of AC Milan a few days ago. The German company which was born in 2015 will appear on the back of the jerseys of Milan players. More

Foot11 discussed with Matteo Bevilacqua, leader of Italy. He confided in this new partnership with the Milanese club AC Milan. Also a partner of the Young Boys of Bern in the Swiss Super League, the manager of wefox returns to this association.

The beginning of a partnership with AC Milan and the company wefox / wefox
The beginning of a partnership with AC Milan and the company wefox / wefox

“wefox is a new company. Brand awareness is a fundamental part of our marketing strategy. AC Milan is a glorious club which in recent years has undergone a complete restructuring. Also, we share with AC Milan many of our values, for example innovation, integrity and inclusion: when we decided to enter this field, AC Milan was a natural choice for us, because we are both at the forefront in our respective sectors”

As a company, what do you expect from this partnership, besides appearing on the back of the AC Milan shirt?

wefow now on the back of AC Milan / Icon Sport players' shirts
wefow now on the back of AC Milan / Icon Sport players’ shirts

“We want everyone to know that there is a new player in the insurance market that will change the model of insurance itself. Starting with Europe, we will soon expand to the East and the United States. With a mission to make insurance simple and easy for everyone. Also, we want people to feel protected when something unexpected happens in their life. At last, we also want to help them predict the main risks they could face based on their specific lifestyle”

As a company, with this partnership with AC Milan, what message do you want to send to players, fans in Italy and around the world?

“We will protect you like the legendary AC Milan defense protected in the 90s and still protects the team. We will protect your life and no risk will affect you! Also, that’s why we decided to stay on the back of the jersey”

It’s not the first time you’ve partnered with a club, wefox also has a partnership with the Young Boys of Bern. What is the status of this partnership with the Swiss club and what has it brought you in terms of visibility?

“We are an official premium partner of Young Boys Bern. We are visible on jerseys, banners, screens and sponsorship walls. It’s a great relationship for us and the team and we work hard to maintain it. It’s an effective way to raise awareness of the wefox brand”

After Switzerland and Italy, do you have other expansion projects with sport or others?

“We are already present in different countries and in others we can operate with our European passport. In a few years we will have a strong presence all over Europe and we will look to the rest of the world”

“France will be an important market for us. I think it could be a strategic country and we want to develop there quickly. All options are open at the moment. Indeed, we are discussing how we want to enter the market”.

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