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It is very rare that three generations of the same family make it into the NHL.

The Bordeleaus are on the verge of achieving the feat. Thomas, the son of Sébastien who played in Montreal for two seasons, has just left for Michigan State and he will certainly be selected in the first two rounds in the October draft.

A formidable center player, brilliant and efficient in both directions of the ice, who has been immersed in hockey since birth.

He grew up in Switzerland and he also played at Esther-Blondin College when his instructor was none other than Paulin Bordeleau, his grandfather, who wore the colors of the Vancouver Canucks and the AMH Nordiques before. to have a wonderful career in Europe.

The Bordeleaus, originally from Abitibi, are hockey machines. Christian and Jean-Pierre, Paulin’s two brothers, also played in the National League.

Thomas is 18 years old and he will be studying administration. He would like to be selected by the Canadian, but he does not make a fixation. He knows very well that at his level hockey is still a game, but also a business.

The third Bordeleau is coming.


Now 67 years old, he, Grandpa Paulin Bordeleau, is still in great shape.

He has worked in virtually all levels of hockey. Coach in the American League, assistant to Jacques Demers in Tampa, in the QMJHL, at the college level and even in Italy.

He is an outstanding teacher and he never tires of it. Notice to interested parties, Paulin would like to do screening. He knows tobacco.

From the enclave

  • If one day you decide to go and watch the Acadie-Bathurst Titan in the QMJHL, know that, for four years, the address of the arena has been 14, avenue Sean Couturier.
  • John Lachapelle, one of the leaders of the Le Sorcier golf club, in the Outaouais, is freaking out. Its new luxury karts now have USB sockets. Excuse forgiveness!
  • Do I teach you anything if I tell you that the excellent actress Sonia Vigneault has an older brother called Alain and that he’s running the Philadelphia Flyers?
  • He was only 68 when cancer took him away. Already six years that Carol Vadnais is dead. Just talking about it, the great Serge Savard comes with his eyes full of water. Since their adolescence, they were like two brothers.
  • There are 12,000 kilometers of bicycle lanes in Quebec. On its own, the Green Route covers 5,000 kilometers and was named the best bicycle lane in the world in 2008 by the National Geographic Society. Incredible the number of bicycles hanging on the cars during the holidays.
  • Since 1917 in the NHL 47 pairs of brothers played together on the same team.
  • The Geoffrion-Morenz, in four generations, have all played for the Canadiens: Blake wore the team’s colors for 13 matches ten years ago. He is the son of Danny, who is the son of Bernard, whose stepfather was Howie morenz.
  • It is the start of the school year, but also the gradual resumption of school activities. minor hockey. I find it appalling that companies sell skates for young people for $ 1000. It is abuse.
  • Go to Facebook and become friends with the president of the Alouettes, Mario cecchini. You will thus benefit from a 40% discount at the Alouettes boutique. The promotion code is « als_mario ». Don’t tell anyone.

Time flies…

  • 50 years ago… in Drummondville, a tall 20-year-old guy was nervously preparing to leave for Detroit. Yvon Lambert was leaving for his first professional training camp with Gordie Howe and the Red Wings.
  • At the same time… the Vancouver and Buffalo teams entered the NHL. All eyes were on the Sabers and their sensational rookie, Gilbert Perreault.
  • 25 years ago in Denver … the transfer of the Nordiques and the birth of the Colorado Avalanche, as each of the Boston, Chicago, St. Louis and Vancouver teams moved into a brand new building. It has also been decided that in all NHL cities, two Zambonis will henceforth be used between periods.
  • 10 years ago… Jacques Martin ran the CH and we wondered if Claude Julien was not going to be fired by the Bruins. Ten months later, he won the Stanley Cup.
  • One year ago… our Russel Martin from La Prairie achieved quite a feat as he pitched in the 9th inning with the Los Angeles Dodgers in a 9-0 win over San Diego. He made 16 shots, including 10 catches.
  • A month ago… after a loss to Toronto, the Canadiens’ players were still disconcerted to have played in front of empty stands.

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