The bookmakers settle in cash a big debate launched by Wembanyama, the fans divided!


After inflaming fans during the Summer League, Victor Wembanyama did the same with his recent statements. The Frenchman notably revealed his collective objectives, before the bookmakers and Internet users got involved in turn…

Last season, the Spurs had won only 22 games. Obviously, they hope to do much better next year since they have now registered the arrival of Victor Wembanyama. Overflowing with ambition, the French prodigy nevertheless remained measured in terms of his projections in terms of collective balance sheet:

A successful season will consist of ending with a better team record than last season.

If this objective does not seem disproportionate, this exit from Wemby proves that he knows how to keep his feet on the ground in all circumstances. Inevitably, all this has created many discussions regarding what Gregg Popovich’s men will offer in 2023-24. Many wonder how many matches they will manage to win, and the bookmakers have finally decided. A heated debate is launched…

After the declaration of Wemby, big discussion on the networks!

The bookmakers are projecting 30.5 wins for Spurs next season.

Sports betting experts have therefore made available to enthusiasts the « cut » of victories for the Spurs next season. According to them, it should be around thirty units, which would allow Wemby to consider his first NBA campaign a success. However, for the moment, it is difficult for Internet users to agree on the subject. The opinions are indeed as diverse as they are clear-cut:

I’m not a Spurs fan but they will win more.

I’m going for less. There are a lot of big teams in the West, there will be a bit of a learning curve and an adjustment period for Wemby. They will surely not participate in the race for the playoffs at the end of the season and should therefore tank a few games.

Even though Victor Wembanyama is a generational talent, he can’t win 60 games on his own. San Antonio will therefore have to grow little by little, starting why not with a 30-win season. Some fans expect more, others less, but it would still be amazing to see Spurs in the playoffs…


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