The bookmakers drop their predictions for the title, the Warriors humiliated!

The Finals are practically at hand, and bettors have decided to let go of their predictions in view of them. However, the results did not fail to make Internet users react… We notably witnessed a big lack of respect towards the Warriors!

It’s done, the NBA has reached the last four of its season. Boston, Miami, Dallas and Golden State: these are the four remaining teams that will fight for the title. The series of conference finals in the West should in particular offer us a hell of a show, with an XXL face-to-face between Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry who is getting ready. The two teams from the East are not left out, however, and the respective winners will have to fight a fierce battle to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy.

But suddenly, who will become champion in 2021-22? A question still very difficult to answer, but the bookmakers have decided to release their first predictions. However, the latter are likely to make people talk, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Indeed, the Warriors are seen in a rather pessimistic way by the punters, since they have the least good chances of finishing ringed, and by very far even:

Boston with best odds, Warriors far behind

Only 7% is the probability that the Dubs will end up on the throne of the league according to the site FiveThirtyEight. It’s also not much better for going to the Finals, since they would have barely more than a one in four chance. It is therefore clearly the Mavs who are given favorites on their series… while the Celtics appear as the darlings of the predictions (68% chance of winning the title). On the fan side, some have in any case unpinned after the announcement, stunned by the revelation:

Are you doing this to get views? ‘Cause it don’t make sense

Oh my God, what have you done?

The odds would therefore be against Golden State, according to the bookmakers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t count on Stephen Curry and the likes anymore, as they have shown in the past that they know how to amass titles.

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