The bonus proposal shows real concern

A very busy schedule has put a strain on the teams this season. With the multiplication of consecutive double and triple innings, the employees traveling on the circuits had to put in considerable effort from March to December. As a result, many of them shy away from the premier class. Haas is no exception to this trend, as some of its employees have decided not to stay for the long term.

This puts the American team in an embarrassment. Red lantern in the rankings, Haas needs all of its best elements to raise the bar in 2022. Dmitry Mazepin, the team’s main sponsor, has considered setting up bonuses for employees who commit to stay on the job. long term.

In this regard, his son Nikita Mazepin explained that he and his father shared the same concerns about these departures. « I said [à mon père] that I was very concerned about the departure of the right elements « , he explained to « I know everyone thinks differently but most of those [qui quittent l’équipe] do it for the sake of money. And I’m really, really lucky that he understood that. He has a reputation for giving his employees, who number more than 45,000 in his companies, what they need. « 

« He’s the professional in this field, not me. He came up with the idea of, I wouldn’t say covering gold people, but motivating them, giving them the opportunity to achieve certain things and to be Most importantly, it was done on a completely voluntary basis. He doesn’t get any benefit from it. I think he’s at a point in his life where he wants to give something back because he’s racked up enough success. He’s especially concerned about the tough, those who work in the mines, in his factories, and those at the bottom of the ladder. « 

Nikita Mazepin and her father Dmitry Mazepin on the grid

Nikita Mazepin and her father Dmitry Mazepin on the grid

Mazepin, however, clarified that the bonuses were, for the time being, only a suggestion. Haas executives must not only give the green light, but also offer their employees what they need to convince them to stay. « I’m not sure this will fall into place because [l’offre] has clauses aimed at looking after people and giving them a good experience. It must come from the team because [Dmitry Mazepin] is just one [sponsor] », added the Russian.

From this year in Formula 1, staff salaries are part of the capped expenses. Any increase would therefore bring Haas closer to the limit of $ 147 million set this season but, according to Mazepin, the team is far from entering the red zone.

« As far as I know, we’re way below the ceiling anyway, so we’ll be getting a little closer. », commented Mazepin. « [Les bonus] will allow people to have a better life. And not just them, but their families as well, which is the most important thing for success. « 

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