The BMX Saint-Brieuc creates an indoor combining sport and music, in November – Saint-Brieuc

On November 19 and 20, the Saint-Brieuc exhibition and congress center will be the BMX temple. The Briochin club will organize its first indoor competition there, the BMX rock event. Éric Thouin, the organizer, promises high level and spectacle, staged by lighting effects, in addition to rock concerts.

This is the first event of this type in Saint-Brieuc. “To date, there are only three in France, in Caen, Tours and Saint-Étienne. And it works”, underlines the manager, who intends to show that others also have know-how.

Become better known

Initially scheduled for 2020, the project was halted by the health crisis. If it took time to restart the machine, the desire remained intact, especially that of making themselves better known. “Despite the very good results of the club, we remain unknown. The public mixes mountain biking and BMX, and our discipline is poorly represented by the federation. Even when Trégueux hosts a Coupe de France, there is barely a poster in town! So, we said to ourselves that it was up to us to create the event”. For this first open to all BMX riders from the age of 8, the club expects « at least 1,200 riders, with international sizes from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands in particular, and 8,000 to 9,000 spectators”. The French Joris Daudet and Sylvain André, world champions, are announced. Without forgetting Arthur Pilard, BMX Saint-Brieuc licensee.

The young BMX Saint-Brieuc licensees will be on the front line for this indoor competition.
The young BMX Saint-Brieuc licensees will be on the front line for this indoor competition. (The Telegram/Gwénaëlle Le Ny)

A 340 m track

In addition to the competition reserved for young people, there are two award-winning races, on Saturday and Sunday, for the elite. A 340 m track will be built in hall 2 of the exhibition center. “We do everything ourselves,” says Éric Thouin, who secured the partnership of local businesses. “We use short circuits and the elements of the track, in refined fill, will then be transformed into asphalt. We were keen on this eco-responsible aspect”. Several days of work will be required, plus time set aside for testing. “Quality is essential for pilots”. And to ensure the show, at 70 km/h.

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