The BMW 3.0 CSL (the original) for dummies

Here it is more complicated. Depending on the year and the version, the 6-cylinder in-line cubed between 3 l (noooon?) and 3.5 l, and the power could vary between 180 hp for the first versions with carburetor, and more than 400 hp for the competition versions.

Same for the weight. All benefit from an aluminum hood, doors and trunk lid. And, compared to the CS from which they derive, lose power steering, electric windows, and soundproofing. Unless you were a small nature and you opted for the « city pack », even if you were no longer so leicht.

But the one you are probably thinking of is the latest 3.0 CSL, the « Batmobile », lightened to the maximum (1,270 kg) and equipped with a spectacular aerodynamic kit with its fins along the front fenders, and of course its huge fins overhanging the rear window and the trunk. This version is powered by a 3.2 l of 206 hp for 287 Nm, capable of propelling it from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 7 s and up to 220 km / h, despite the 90 kg of support provided by the pair of fins.

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