The Blue Jays in search of their identity

Despite persistent batting troubles, especially these days, the Toronto Blue Jays are keeping their heads above water.

After 38 games, they are 20-18, which earns them third place in the American East Division, behind the New York Yankees (28-10) and the Tampa Bay Rays (23-15). ), but ahead of the Boston Red Sox (15-22) and Baltimore Orioles (15-24). They also hold the last spot of the teams drafted for the playoffs.

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However, Charlie Montoyo’s men will have to start hitting the ball again as they did last season if they want to stay in the race.

Prior to Thursday night’s matchups, the Jays were in the bottom half of major league baseball in several offensive categories, while in 2021, with a very similar roster, they were cruising in the top 5, if not first, of the same categories.

« When everyone makes contact and everything is fine, you can come from behind in a 4-1 or 5-1 game to win, » said manager Charlie Montoyo, whose remarks was picked up by the major league baseball site after the game against the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday. It seems like right now, when a team scores five points, it’s like they’re actually scoring 10. That’s what happens when your offense is in trouble. But I think we amplify too much [le problème], like when a reliever comes in and gives up a run. We say to ourselves: “oh my god”. Still, he pitched well. It’s just a close game. »

The ideal prey

From Friday to Sunday, the Blue Jays will have the perfect opportunity to find their good habits, they who will host the worst team in the major leagues, the Cincinnati Reds, at the Rogers Center.

The Ohio team has the lowest total of victories, with 11. It even managed to lose 1 to 0 on Sunday, without even allowing a hit to the Pittsburgh Pirates. She also languishes in the bottom of the rankings because of her defense.

The Reds have allowed the most runs (212) against their opponents in major league baseball, as well as the most home runs (50), two of the many categories in which they do not excel.

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