The Blazers win the NBA Summer League 2022!


Las Vegas, we have a winner! After their victory in 2018 thanks in particular to young Anfernee Simons or Zach Collins, the Blazers therefore did it again in 2022, ending with a record of 5-1 and especially this great victory in the final against the Knicks. At the resumption part of the roster of Chauncey Billups will therefore be ringed, we know one who will ruminate on it badly.

The stats of this Summer League Intergalactic World Cup final are right here

This Summer League 2022 had started in the worst possible way for the Blazers, with the shoulder injury of the already too often injured Shaedon Sharpe, pick 7 of the last Draft. Ten days later a band of jobbers finally did the job seriously, relying on a few executives already experienced in NBA games and on another rookie, not the one we expected but not the one we will talk about the least this season. Game of the night? Auteuil, Neuilly, Passy, ​​it was no piece of cake. A New York team also drafted by a set of sophomores who crushed almost everything in their path until then (Miles McBride, Quentin Grimes and Jericho Sims), but tonight it was the teammates of the not at all legendary Didi Louzada who closed the lid on this 2K22 bracket. The heroes of the evening? Hmm, more or less the same as last weekend. Brandon Williams first of all, more than 10 pawns on average last season in the NBA in the local slump, and who had a blast in the final as he had a blast throughout this summer camp in the land of the game. Keon Johnson, for his part, missed his final a bit, but be sure that this memory will not enter the family of imperishable ones, a bit like a Saint-Marcellin left in full sun on a terrace. The third leader of the band? Trendon Watford, dominating this evening and moreover rewarded with the Limoncello by the MVP trophy of this Summer League final, and a trophy remains a trophy.

Our favorites of the night? This big guy from Kyle Alexander first of all, a bit the opposite of Luka Garza because endowed with talent, pivot spent for a moment by the Heat in 2020 but above all left to roll his bump two years since, in Spain notably. Defense tonight off the bench and even a few moves in attack, dear Kyle I hope we will meet again on occasion. Another that we should come across a lot moreover… Jabari Walker. Drafted at the end of the second round by the Blazers, the kid will have released a high quality Summer League overall and his final goes in this direction with a double-double as solid as the boy is a pleasure to see playing. From the big tarp with a destructive look afterwards, shots from the parking lot clear as rock water and skills already well out of the egg, Mr. Jabari we want to see you again very quickly, we want to see you again as soon as tomorrow.

The Knicks will have tried a miraculous return of the Casa de Papel type, logic prevailed and tonight the logic was called Trail Blazers from Portland. The Blazers who succeed the Kings, who for their part succeeded the Grizzlies, who therefore succeeded themselves to the Blazers, we said it above and we should follow a little. Two trophies in four summers for Portland, so we can almost say that the Blazers are the Warriors but of the month of July, and we hope that will at least satisfy Damian Lillard, he who always dreams of smelling the smell of a ring and who can now literally feel that of Didi Louzada.

The end note is played, so it will have been played by the Blazers. The following ? A strange month for French NBA fans, a month synonymous with social interaction and sleep on a human scale. And you know what ? It’s going to be weird, but it’s very good news.


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