The Blazers’ failed target to satisfy Damian Lillard


A time promised to a departure, Damian Lillard will start the season well with the Blazers. However, the latter did not offer him a worthy recruitment to convince him. One of their main targets in their market, namely a referenced scorer, has escaped them in particular!

Following their loss to the Nuggets during the first round of the playoffs, there were many shortcomings that stood out in their workforce. This finding, the Blazers have long believed that they could potentially lose their beloved leader, Damian Lillard, in the offseason. After weeks of endless exit rumors, it finally looks like the point guard is heading for a new year in Oregon.

However, it’s hard for fans to believe that it was the moves made by its leaders in the market that made it stay. Indeed, despite the crying lack of talent in the roster mentioned above, the recruits do not jostle in Portland. For a long time, only the role players that are Cody Zeller, Tony Snell and Ben McLemore were signed by the franchise.

A new name recently added to the list via a big trade with 3 teams, namely that of Larry Nance Jr. Again, not enough to jump to the ceiling for Dame, despite the defensive quality of the former Cleveland winger. However, another profile would have been studied by the front office of Rip City, according to the information provided by Shams Charania in the columns of The Athletic.

Prior to getting Nance, the Trail Blazers also expressed an interest in Grizzlies rear Dillon Brooks, sources say.

Interest which is explained by the management of Memphis with his player. The latest rumors thus suggested that Brooks was not untouchable, and could be recovered under certain conditions.

A decision that would probably not have pleased a certain Ja Morant, who precisely spoke on these hallway noises via his Twitter account. In the end, it would seem that the Blazers did not wish to explore this track more than that, and resolved to attract Larry Nance Jr. The difference in profiles between the two players is nevertheless surprising and questioning.

He is also quite solid defensively, but Brooks offers many more guarantees on the offensive side. Average of 17.2 points per game last season, he simply placed himself as the Grizz’s second-leading scorer behind Morant. A production scoring much more notable than that of Nance, limited for his part to 9.3 points per meeting among the young Cavaliers.

A time on Dillon Brooks, the Blazers finally decided to rush on Larry Nance. A « glow down » according to many fans, which could not make the happiness of Damian Lillard.


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