the birthday mixtape which should allow him to find a job in the NBA


Still without a contract with the approach of training camps, Lance Stephenson does not despair of convincing a GM to make his comeback in the NBA. On the occasion of his 31 years, here is a small mixtape of his last official season with the Liaoning Flying Leopards in 2019-20. Something to catch the eye of one or two leaders in search of a flashy and endearing player before the resumption.

Players like that, we don’t do them anymore! A pure Brooklyn product, Lance Stephenson has no equal. Nicknamed Born Ready very young, his career is unfortunately not proportional to his notoriety. With 8.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.9 assists on average at very banal percentages in just over 500 NBA games, he is closer to the role player profile capable of filling some gaps. Passed by Indiana where he was drafted in the second round in 2010, Charlotte, the Clippers, Memphis, New Orleans, Minneapolis and the Lakers, his last game in the Great League dates back to April 4, 2019 against the Warriors. Since then, Lancelot has rolled his bump and perfected his celebrations, especially in China where he made a remarkable stint with the Liaoning Flying Leopards in 2019-20.

In China, Lance Stephenson has rediscovered responsibilities he had not known for a long time. Public curiosity and number one offensive weapon of his team, the one who dared to stand up to LeBron James before siding with him immediately acclimated to his new country. And inevitably with a similar phenomenon when a bit of confidence appears, it gives completely lunar highlights with hesitation moves at the level of the logo or shots from elsewhere punctuated by a small step of house dance. From Lancelot in the text. When we see that, we don’t know how a GM could not fall under the spell. But in case he was completely out of mind by going to Asia, Born Ready has got you covered. Back home, he organized his own workout with some NBA franchises including the Bucks, Nuggets, Sixers and Nets to get back to work this summer. For now, it hasn’t worked out yet but it may be the Mavs who could take the bait even if the competition from veterans who want to make a comeback in the NBA is tough with Isaiah Thomas, Darren Collison or even Monta Ellis who are also on tour across the country to be seen. Yet, among all these names, Lance is the last to have done dirty things on the floors and here are some excerpts to prove it to you.

Wash your glasses well, warm up your voice, turn up the sound of the computer to the max and make the speakers spit. And if you feel your fingers want to play the tune guitar let it be, this is the best tribute you can pay to Lancelot on his birthday.


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