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Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, ​​Spain May 13, 2012 Pastor Maldonado, Williams F1 Team celebrates with Toto Wolff, Sir Frank Williams, Team Principal, Williams F1 and the rest of the team after winning the race.  Worldwide Copyright: Glenn Dunbar / LAT Photo Ref: Digital Image CG8C5915

Most everyone loves a good Formula 1 underdog story. Psychological researchers claim this is due to a phenomenon called schadenfreude, which means experiencing pleasure from the unhappiness of others.

Favorites are seen as privileged parties, so most people like to see them fail.

Basically, people are not supporting the underdog, but the most dominant competitor for not being successful. The same logic applies in gambling halls when a person is lucky at the slots or the blackjack table.

Big upheavals and Formula 1 often don’t mix

Onlookers applaud because they believe that if a person overcomes the house edge and takes advantage of it, that means they can do the same. Naturally, today most players place their bets online due to the proliferation of online casino bonuses in the United States and Canada which offer large amounts of free money.

Since now it’s clear why people cheer on those who face huge challenges, let’s look at some of the most dramatic surprises in modern Formula 1 world championship racing.

Unfortunately nowadays big upheavals and Formula 1 often don’t go hand in hand, as if racing cars hold their places, and the favorites usually find a way to get on the podium.

That said, there have been several times where fans have had their jaws on the ground, watching unassuming runners cross the finish line first. Below, we take a look at three of these cases.

Formula 1. Olivier Panis: "I am happy that Pierre Gasly is succeeding me"

Olivier Panis triumphs in Monaco – 1996

Young Formula 1 fans probably have no idea who Olivier Panis is. For those who are not in the know, he was a French driver who participated in ten seasons of Formula 1, driving Ligier, Honda and Toyota. His first season took place in 1994, debuting at the Brazilian Grand Prix, and he concluded his Formula 1 career in 2004 in Japan.

After his stint in F1, Panis continued to race in the Le Mans Series and worked for the France A1 Grand Prix team. Panis’s only F1 victory came at the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, where he started 14th, but when he won because he was one of only three cars to finish the race.

Coulthard and Herbert were among several pilots who encountered terminal technical difficulties during the competition.

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, ​​Spain May 13, 2012 Pastor Maldonado, Williams F1 Team celebrates in Parc Ferme after winning the race.  Worldwide copyright: Lorenzo Bellanca / LAT Photographic ref: Digital image GU5G8089

Maldonado wins the Spanish Grand Prix – 2012

Venezuelan driver Pastor Rafael Maldonado may no longer compete in Formula 1, but is remembered by fans for his first and only Formula 1 victory in 2012 at the twenty-second Spanish Grand Prix.

It was the only time the then Williams rider stood on the podium. He started the race from pole position after Lewis Hamilton was excluded from qualifying results because he had less fuel in his car than expected.

Although they started the race first, the bookies still gave Maldonado a hundred-to-one chance to win. He proved all doubters wrong and kept his car ahead of the pack from start to finish.

F1 Pictures, Damon Hill Arrows - Yamaha Hungaroring 1997 |  Damon Hill, Formula 1, Damon

Damon Hill takes second place in Hungary – 1997

Unlike the two previous drivers, Damon Hill is a former F1 champion with twenty-two Grand Prix victories to his name. After his winning season in 1996, he was abandoned by Williams and had to join the TWR Arrows team in 1997.

Arrows got off to a gruesome start that year, recording a series of retreats. So by the time Hungaroring arrived, Hill and his Yamaha motor car were facing 250 to one. Nevertheless, Hill quickly took the lead in Hungary.

Still, his vehicle’s unreliability kicked in with three revs remaining as his hydraulic pump failed, putting him in third gear. Still, Hill managed to come in second, securing a staggering success for Arrows.

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